It seems that, in recent years, rooftop tents have become very popular. This has spawned a number of new companies that would like to share in the market. Many of these companies compete with products that imitate established products. Choosing among the myriad of roof top tents available today can be quite confusing.

AutoHome was the first company to commercially produce roof top tents and has been designing and producing quality roof top shelters continuously since 1958. The products we sell are produced entirely in-house at the AutoHome factory located in Montovano, Italy.

During their 58 years in the industry AutoHome has pioneered many new ideas, methods, and materials that have set standards for performance—from arctic conditions to the heat of sub-Saharan Africa, in the high mountains and steppes of Asia, and from the Andes to Arizona to Alaska. This experience translates directly to the best designs using superior materials—designs that are often copied, but not equaled.