Built tough, but super light and streamlined.

AutoHome is the only company building advanced roof top tents from carbon fiber. The melding of our proven Maggiolina design, mechanics and fabrics with this space age material provides the ultimate in strength and light weight.

These tents are sleek, with a low coefficient of drag. This combination of factors allows minimum top load weights and minimum drag for excellent fuel efficiency, while providing a super strong shell.

Like our fiberglass tents the bottom shell is double carbon fiber with a bonded, high strength foam sandwich for strength, rigidity, and cold weather insulation and is fitted with a removable, 3½” thick closed cell foam mattress.

The Maggiolina Carbon Fiber is durable, water and dust-proof, and suitable for camping the toughest conditions. The lightweight, locking alloy ladder offers stable access and collapses for stowing inside the tent and a ladder storage bag is included.

The Maggiolina Carbon Fiber is available in standard trim (medium grey shell with dark carbon grey fabric) in both small and medium sizes.

Key Features

Sleeping Arrangements

Two tent sizes to choose from—both with 72” long mattresses. For two adults, the “Small” model is comfortable. For two adults and a child, or if you prefer more space, look at the “Medium” model.

Super light and slippery

Perfect for car camping whenever light weight is important. The Maggiolina Carbon Fiber weighs 20% less than the same size Maggiolina AirLand. Go light!

Super Strong

The Carbon Fiber shell is not only light—it’s incredibly strong. This tent can take a beating.

Stability in a wind

Due to the crank up design, the tent sides can be tensioned to resist winds of more than 50 miles per hour… and remain quiet so you can get some sleep.

Warmth in cold weather

The Maggiolina design provides over 4″ of insulation beneath the occupant, and both thermal and acoustic insulation in the ceiling.

Looks and performance are built-in

The latest in aerospace materials, European fabrics and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship.

“We met a fellow traveler in Chiapas in a Landcruiser ’troopy’ with a Maggiolina fitted. Upon returning home we looked into acquiring one for ourselves. A solid purchase… we’ve used it many nights in all kinds of weather. Would not hesitate to recommend one to those who like to travel like we do.”

— Paul G., California

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber Details and Pricing

  • Small

    Model No. MCF/01
    Shell/Fabric Color

    Light Grey/Dark Carbon


    Exterior: 51″ x 83″ x 12″
    Mattress: 48″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 35″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 101 lbs.


  • Medium

    Model No. MCF/02
    Shell/Fabric Color

    Light Grey/Dark Carbon


    Exterior: 57″ x 83″ x 12″
    Mattress: 54″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 35″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight 108 lbs.


*These items are special order—please Inquire.
Prices do not include applicable taxes, duties, crating or shipping charges.