Consider your needs and your vehicle’s capabilities.

The keys to successful fitment on your vehicle

AutoHome tents are made in sizes and weights to accommodate almost any type of vehicle—large or small—car, truck, van, SUV or 4X4. When properly sized and fitted, our hard shell tents will have only a slight impact on vehicle fuel efficiency. You can look through our Gallery to see how tents might look on your vehicle.

AutoHome roof top tents are designed to mount simply and securely on engineered after-market crossbars using the AutoHome Universal Mounting System—simple, very safe and reliable.

Vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for maximum roof top loads

Every vehicle manufacturer has a specification for maximum dynamic rooftop loading while operating the vehicle. Always check with the manufacturer for the rating of your factory installed roof rack (if you have one) to determine weight limitations as they vary from vehicle to vehicle, based on total weight capacity of the vehicle and its handling and braking characteristics. Bear in mind that the cross bars on most factory rack systems are not not intended for heavier loads. We always recommend that you fit your vehicle with after-market engineered cross bars or rack system, such as Thule or Yakima.

Roof rack systems and load ratings

The rack system transfers the tent’s weight to the structural parts of your car’s roof, which is design to withstand a low speed roll-over—quite strong. Roof racks also carry a dynamic weight rating, which defines the tested limitations of the vehicle and rack system when the vehicle is in motion.

Off highway use: These tents are made to withstand a lot of abuse, but we highly recommend, when mounting a tent for using gutter mount rack systems for off-highway use, that you employ THREE or more cross bars. This helps to distribute the load evenly and avoid damage to the vehicle under extreme conditions. Minimum and Maximum front to rear bar spread is 30” Minimum, 54” maximum.

Most roof rack manufacturers publish a fitment guide which lists correct rack components and maximum dynamic weight ratings for most vehicles. AutoHome roof top tents weigh between 92 pounds and 158 pounds, so there are few vehicles that cannot be fitted with an AutoHome tent.

Examples of how to calculate the permissible load for different vehicles using typical aftermarket engineered roof racks and cross bars.






2003 Subaru Forester

Yakima EZR


150 lbs.

Any small or medium tent

2002 Nissan Xterra

Thule 450


165 lbs.

Any AutoHome tent

1997 Toyota Landcruiser

Yakima A1


165 lbs.

Any AutoHome tent

2005 VW Jetta Wagon

Thule 450


165 lbs.

Any AutoHome tent