AutoHomeUSA is the exclusive United States distributor for AutoHome products, which are manufactured by the Zifer company of Rivarolo Mantovano, Italy, and sold through distributors worldwide. Our company was founded with the importation and distribution of these products as its primary business.

The principals have been using and selling these tents in North America for more than sixteen years, and have assisted many hundreds of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of AutoHome roof top tents. We also have relationships with manufacturers whose products meet the quality standards and needs of our customers. We sell these products as accessories and adjuncts to our roof top tent business.

AutoHomeUSA is located in Carson City, Nevada, and has its distribution center on the West Coast.

About Zifer, the manufacturer of AutoHome rooftop tents

Zifer, of Rivarolo Mantovano, Italy, manufactures AutoHome tents as their primary business. The Zifer factory is a state of the art design and manufacturing company that designs and manufacturers AutoHome roof top tents on site to strict quality standards. The methods, materials, and quality standards employed are second to none. These tents are the original rooftop tents, and have been continually improved and manufactured in Italy since 1958.

How to contact us

411 West Third St.
Carson City, NV 89703

We can be reached weekdays at:

  Phone: 888-852-2359

  Fax: 334-460-6427


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